3.4.6 Moving while mounted

A mounted character moves by the mount making movement actions. The number of hexes that a mounted character moves in a single movement action is determined by his/her mount's current speed, as follows:

Mount's current speed Number of hexes travelled
Slow (i.e. walk) 1
Average (i.e trot) 2
Fast (i.e. canter) 4
Breakneck (i.e. gallop) 6

The total number of hexes that a mount may move in a combat turn is limited by the mounted character's riding speed.

A mount will not normally change its facing or speed during a movement action. Each hex of movement will therefore be either a straightforward forwards move (the mount moves one hex forwards so that its rear now occupies the hex its front used to be in), or a sideways drift (the mount moves one hex forwards and to the side with its facing unchanged, so that its rear now occupies the hex that used to be adjacent to both the mount's front and rear).

Mounted characters - movement

If a mounted character wants to change the mount's speed or direction, he/she must make a one action point action/reaction (he/she is allowed effectively to react to his/her mount's movement) and make a dice roll to steer his/her mount. This allows him/her to either accelerate/decelerate his/her mount by one speed level (e.g. canter to trot) or turn his/her mount by 60 degrees. When a mount turns, this is done as one of the hexes in the next movement action taken by the mount:

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