3.4.8 Bracing against a mounted attack

A character on foot, who is armed with a spear or pike, can brace the polearm by ramming its butt against the ground. This takes a ready weapon action to perform. Once braced, the character cannot move or turn without losing the effect of the bracing.

If a mounted character moves into the strike range of a braced character and the braced character declares a stand and attack reaction to this movement, the braced character gets a number of advantages in attacking the mounted character (or his/her mount):

Weapon\Mounted character's speed Slow (e.g. walk) Average (e.g. trot) Fast (e.g. canter) Breakneck (e.g. gallop)
Bracing bonus on damage dice roll (spear) +0 +1 +2 +4
Bracing bonus on damage dice roll (pike) +1 +2 +4 +6

As with any other stand and attack reaction, the braced character may declare the reaction (and resolve the attack) part way through the mount's movement action.

Illustration of bracing against charging opponent