1 The Character

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In Age of Magic, each player takes the role of a character and controls that character's actions in the imaginary world that the referee specifies. In addition to the player characters (i.e. characters controlled by the players), the world will also contain may non-player characters (npcs) that the referee controls. Every character in the world is different and has different capabilities.

Age of Magic provides a framework for defining a character's capabilities.

When starting Age of Magic, the first step is to generate a character. You should consult with the referee when doing this.

Once your character is generated, you can then play the character in adventures. As each adventure progresses, there will be many times when you decide your character should attempt an action. Age of Magic has a simple system for determining whether characters succeed in actions or not, using dice rolls. This is core to the whole game, so you may want to read up about it at the start.

As the character survives adventures and learns from his/her experiences, the referee will award the character with experience points, which can be used to improve the character's capabilities.

Each player records his/her character's capabilities on an Age of Magic character sheet for reference during adventures (see also an example of a completed character sheet).

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