Age of Magic - rules for free

Age of Magic has easy to learn but extensive rules for running a fantasy role-playing adventure. The rules were developed over the last 20 years. Age of Magic's rules are written for on-line publishing and use extensive linking, so it is easy to find what you want. All of the rules for Age of Magic are available free of charge on this web-site.

1 The Character

  • How characters are defined in Age of Magic,
  • The basic game systems, and
  • How to generate a character.

2 Using Skills

  • Detailed description of each skill,
  • When each skill applies, and
  • How characters can use each skill during adventures.

3 Combat

  • Handling fights that involve characters,
  • Duels, brawls and skirmishes, and
  • Large-scale battles and siege

4 Magic

  • Use of magic,
  • Enchantments, spells and rituals, and
  • Magical items

5 Adventures

  • Guidance on running adventures, and
  • Statistics for common and magical creatures.

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