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April 2010 - New rules for firing multiple shots when using a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon.

Previous news releases

March 2010 Modifications to the rules for long-term enchantments either cast directly on characters or focused in items - these now cost some character points. Also, a new talent, Universal translator.
February 2010 Some tweaks to the magic rules for maintaining multiple enchantments up at once, healing and entangle enchantments. New rules for pushing dice rolls and luck/unluck. Also, a tweak to allow multiple characters to advance together in combat.
December 2009 Some small but very important changes to the combat rules. Damage is now no longer based on weapon skill, but instead is increased based on how well the attack hits the defender.
April 2009 Some big changes in the last couple of months. The inspiration section has been completely revamped, and many of the rules updated.
March 2009 After a long gap - Work on Chapter 5 continues - with stats for human non-player characters under development. The rules for characters of non-human size have been updated.
9 August 2002 Work on Chapter 5 has now started - rules for weather have now been completed. Also, a new character sheet format is now available in HTML.
2 August 2002 The rules for characters participating in large-scale battles have now been completed.
23 July 2002 We have just updated the inspiration section with the latest books, DVDs and videos.
22 June 2002 The rules for large-scale battles have now been completed.
2 February 2002 The rules for ranged combat have now been completed.
25 January 2002 The rules for unarmed and close combat have now been completed.
3 January 2002 Happy New Year. We have just updated the inspiration section with the latest books, DVDs and videos.
18 December 2001 After a slight hiatus, we're back up and running. An unfortunate accident with a hard disk and a faulty backup has meant progress on the martial arts rules has not been quite as quick as planned, but they are being worked on and should be posted in the next couple of months.
9 January 2001 Chapter 2, Using skills, is now complete. Recent additions include rules for influencing, intimidating and empathising with others.
13 December 2000 The magic rules are now complete with all 25 natures of magic implemented. Check out the rules for retrocognition, barriers, disorientation, suggestion and sight enchantments amongst others.
2 December 2000 Rules for 15 natures of magic have been implemented. Check out the rules for detection, healing, attack, resistance, transformation, telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation amongst others.
16 November 2000 Most rules for using skills are now completed. New look navigator for the site has been implemented.
5 September 2000 Three weeks since launch and good progress is being made on loading up rules onto the site.
Rules for mounted combat are now fully loaded onto the web-site.
12 August 2000 Age of Magic web-site launched.
Most, but not all of the, rules have been loaded up onto the web-site. There are enough rules now loaded to start generating characters and starting to play using Age of Magic.
Chapter 1 including character generation is virtually complete, and the basic rules in Chapters 2, 3 and 4 have been completed. Over the coming months, the remainder of Chapters 2, 3 and 4 will be loaded up onto the web-site. Chapter 5 will follow in the next release. The download facility will be made available once Chapters 1-4 are complete.