4.2.12 Suggestion enchantments

Enchantment nature: Suggestion

Magical skill used: Air, Darkness, Death, Earth, Fire, Life, Light, Projection, Water; Projection magic is best.

Characteristic used: WP

Description: A suggestion enchantment is one that allows the caster to implant a mental suggestion in another character's mind to influence or control his/her actions. To make the suggestion, the caster must be able to communicate with the target, either through normal speech or through telepathy.

Power: The power of suggestion enchantment determines the strength of the suggestion. The target must make a dice roll using his/her WP + Trance (including any resisting magic specialism) + any Mental Resistance at a difficulty equal to the Power of the suggestion to avoid succumbing to the enchantment. If the target fails this dice roll, he/she will carry out the suggested behaviour.

The minimum Power of a suggestion enchantment is 1.

Finesse: The finesse of a suggestion enchantment determines what kind of suggestive control the caster can achieve over the target as follows:

Finesse Acts that can be suggested
2 Enjoyable/desirable with little or no apparent downside (e.g. a guard holding up the progress of someone he/she doesn't like anyway)
5 Ordinary with little or no apparent downside (e.g. a guard letting a casual offender go)
8 Significant downside to the offer (e.g. a guard letting someone through a gate)
10 Highly life-threatening (e.g. fighting a dragon, jumping off a cliff)
-2 If act is in line with a specific behaviour pattern, phobia or code of conduct of the target
+2 If act is in conflict with a specific behaviour pattern, phobia or code of conduct of the target
+0 Single act/suggestion lasting for the duration of the enchantment
+2 Ability to issue multiple suggestions over the duration of the enchantment

Limitations: The magical skill used limits what kind of creatures the caster can control with using suggestion. The referee should apply discretion, but the following list may help.

Skill Telepathy can establish communication with:
Air Control air-aligned beings. Air-aligned beings (e.g. birds, air magicians, air elementals).
Darkness Control darkness-aligned beings. Darkness-aligned beings (e.g. bats, darkness magicians, dark elementals).
Death Control death-aligned beings. Death-aligned beings (e.g. undead, death magicians, demons).
Earth Control earth-aligned beings. Intelligent plants, Earth-aligned beings (e.g. moles, earth magicians, earth elementals).
Fire Control fire-aligned beings. Fire-aligned beings (e.g. dragons, fire magicians, fire elementals).
Life Control animals. Animals, People, Life-aligned beings (e.g. angels, life magicians).
Light Control light-aligned beings. Light-aligned beings (e.g. fireflies, light magicians, light elementals).
Projection Mind control. Any being with intelligence.
Water Control water-aligned beings. Water-aligned beings (e.g. fish, dolphins, water magicians, water elementals).


Oriel, a healer, has a Life magic skill of 5 (with no specialism in suggestion) and a WP score of +1. In an alleyway, she is being bothered by a drunken bravo and wants to persuade him to leave her alone. She, therefore, seeks to cast a Suggestion enchantment with Power 3 (hopefully enough to get through to him), Finesse 5 (Sufficient to get him to leave her alone unless he has a major reason to pester her), Range Close (i.e. 2), Concealment 0 (obvious), Duration 1 Minute (i.e. 2), Area of effect Single target (i.e. 0), Investment 0 = Difficulty 12 in total. Her basic value is 5 + 1 = 6. She decides to use hand gestures and words when casting to give a modifier of +2, giving a basic value of 8. She risks 6 points to get a dice roll of 2D+2 and rolls a 4 and a 3, giving a dice roll result of 9. The enchantment does not succeed, but because it failed by less than or equal to three points, Oriel suffers no ill effects. As the drunk closes in on her, Oriel decides on more direct action.