Move [A/R]

A phasing character uses a movement action to move forwards or backwards on the combat "board". The character is allowed a free 60 degree turn before moving, and then can move up to two hexes forwards or one hex backwards (see diagram below). A movement action costs one action point.

Moving diagram

A mounted character uses different movement rules.

Following a phasing character

There will be circumstances when two or more characters want to move together. This is done by the phasing character moving normally, and then by the other (following) characters reacting to the phasing character by declaring a similar move action. The movement must be in the same direction as that of the phasing character; in other words, they must be moving as a group. The following characters must, therefore, be able to see the phasing character to be able to do this. It is normal (but not essential) for the phasing character, before he/she starts moving, to use an action point to speak or gesture that he wants the others to follow him/her. The following characters' move reactions are resolved before any other reactions to the phasing character's move action; in other words, the group moves together and then other reactions are resolved.

Note that this is the only circumstance in which a move action is carried out as a reaction.