Age of Magic - free rules for fantasy role-playing games

Age of Magic is a fantasy role-playing game, for which the rules are free. In fantasy role-playing games, like Age of Magic, players create and control characters in an imaginary world run by the referee. Age of Magic allows you to capture the fast-flowing epic feel of fantasy literature and movies in your role-playing game sessions. In epic quests, fight dragons, visit deep dungeons, conquer overwhelming odds - your adventures are limited only by your imagination.

Latest news: April 2010 - New rules for firing multiple shots when using a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon. Please bookmark this site and check for the latest status.

To help inspire you, we have provided information on some of the stories, movies, etc. that we have found inspirational when role-playing over the last 20 years. You can use this information provided to order on-line through

The aim of the Age of Magic web-site is to create an open community of role-players, who can use the Internet as a means of sharing information. Register now to receive periodic information from the Age of Magic community.

To help you run your role-playing sessions, we will over time provide a series of adventure scenarios written for you. When you buy a scenario, it will be available for you to download onto your local drive, where you will be able to view the scenario using your web browser.

Age of Magic has easy to learn but extensive rules for carrying out a fantasy role-playing session, developed over the last 20 years. The rules are written for on-line publishing and use extensive linking, so it is easy to find what you want. All of the rules for Age of Magic are available free of charge on this web-site.

You can also contribute your suggestions for improvement to the rules, artwork you would like us to put up on the web-site, and scenarios you have written for Age of Magic. We will credit all contributions and share with you the proceeds of any sales of your scenarios.