3.1 Basic combat rules

In Age of Magic, when combat occurs, the referee normally sets up a combat "board" representing the area in which the fight is taking place. Each combatant is then respresented on the combat "board" by a marker (such as a figurine).

The fight is then played out in combat turns. Each turn represents five seconds of combat. During a turn, a character may make several actions (such as attacking an opponent), reactions (such as parrying an attack) or follow-ons (such as riposting following a successful parry). The order in which characters act during the combat turn is determined by their initiative. Every character is limited in the number of actions, reactions and follow-ons he/she can take in a turn, by his/her action points available that turn.

When a character attacks another, dice rolls are used to determine whether the attack hits. The attacker may choose to aim attacks at specific locations of the defender's body. If the attack hits, dice rolls are used to work out the consequences on the defender.