Aimed Fire [A/R]

This ranged combat maneuver allows a character who is set to fire his/her missile weapon at the target at which he/she has been aiming.

Firing in this way breaks the aiming; for the next aimed shot, the character will have to Ready the next shot, Set and Aim (at least once) and then carry out the Aimed fire.

While carrying out an Aimed Fire maneuver, the character remains set and so stays stationery on the combat board, and has an automatic defence dice roll result of zero. This is because the character is entirely focused on aiming his/her shot and is trying to be as motionless as possible while doing so.

Once any reactions to the attack have been declared, dice rolls are made to determine whether the missile attack hits the target. The weapon attack modifier for an Aimed Fire attack depends on the weapon being fired. The attack dice roll uses Shooting + PE. There is a bonus on the attack dice roll, based on the number of successive successful Set and Aim maneuvers the character has carried out immediately before the Aimed Fire maneuver.

If the character successfully delivers an Aimed Fire attack, he/she makes a damage dice roll to determine how much damage the target takes. The weapon damage modifier and damage type for an Aimed Fire attack depends on the weapon being fired.

As a reaction: A character may Aimed Fire as a reaction to a target's Move action (e.g. moving into the location at which the character has been aiming).

Action point cost: The number of action points that an Aimed Fire action or reaction uses depends on the weapon used; it varies between two and four action points.

A mounted character may not carry out an Aimed Fire maneuver (only Snapshot Fire is possible while mounted).

A character with a semi-automatic or fully automatic weapon can fire multiple shots at the same target in a single aimed fire maneuver. This increases the number of action points that the maneuver costs.