2.49 Riding skill

Governing characteristics: CO, WP

Represents: The skill of riding a mount or driving a vehicle pulled by a team without falling off.

Broad specialisms:

Narrow specialisms:

Use with the following characteristics in dice rolls covering:

Characteristic Use skill with this characteristic in dice rolls covering
ST Remaining mounted when struck
CO Remaining mounted when riding over obstacles
Remaining mounted when mount rears or bucks
Remaining mounted when travelling long distances at speed
Attacking when mounted
Blocking/parrying when mounted
Combat speed when mounted
Dodging when mounted
Riding/driving speed
Steering/maneuvering a mount or vehicle
PE Judging another's Riding skill
Judging what a mount or team is about to do
Judging quality of a mount or team
WP Pacifying a mount
Training mounts

The type of mount and riding equipment (in particular, saddle and stirrups) may provide modifiers to Riding dice rolls.